Outsource Technical Support Services

Setting up and maintaining a support center is time-consuming and expensive. Outsourcing technical support services keeps you focus on growing your business instead of handling customers inquiries.  Hilton offers two tiers of IT Service desk Support. Our support services plans are customized to meet  client business needs depends on client’s requirement. Our IT Service desk support ranging  from basic to most complex support. Hilton IT support teams are highly experienced in Tier-1 and  Tier-2 problem solving. Our dedicated technical specialists are trained and certified in wide range of IT Solutions(Hardware & Software).

Technical Support Services for Small, Medium Size Enterprises:

SME’s follow an agile organization model: In this model small teams fulfill the multiple roles across different verticals. This model allows businesses get quick product development, but there is often a lack of IT dedicated support team.

As your business grows, the need of customer assistance will increase, sometimes the IT support need is beyond what your business can provide. Assume the cost of hiring, managing & training a in-house team is cost consuming and complex to maintain. Considering the complexity in maintaining a In-house IT support team , growing companies are opting for an outsourced specialists teams. This will not only brings operational efficiency, but also brings quality control and keeping up with technology.

Flexible Technical Support Management:

Hilton have worked with a number of SME’s looking for  IT Support. We always make sure that we meet what exactly companies were looking for. Each company have their own engagement specifications. We have custom outsourced solution for each specification, and it worked well for each client. Hilton always will work with you and your team to create a unique solution that befits to your business growth.

At Hilton, our customisable methodology & approach allows you to focus on other key growth areas of your business, instead of focusing on support.

Outsourcing Services Tier-1 & Tier-2

Tech Help Desk

Application Navigational Assistance

Application Configuration Assistance

General Product Information

Installation, Setup and Repair

Training, Troubleshooting & Diagnostics


Features of our Technical Support Outsourcing Services:


Customized solutions

Improved efficiency

General Product Information

Access to the latest technology

Custom Reporting

Benefits of our Outsourcing Technical Support Service:

24/7 Availability

Productivity boost

Quick response

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